Team up is a social CRM that provide user friendly functionalities for managing clients / customers information and related documents ,tasks and meetings with super-fast search engine capabilities which allow users to access any information in few seconds and Reports & BI tool to monitor and analyze your business.

Customers / Clients Management

Manage individual and company profiles by adding detailed information to a profile such as category, products & services subscription related details.

  • Associate important emails with the relevant custoemrs / clients and view all emails related to one custoemr / client in one click .
  • Attach and categorize document with the relevant custoemrs / clients view all documents related to one custoemrs / clients in one click and check-in and check-out to record a version history of documents versioning.
  • Tag appointment and meetings with the relevant custoemrs / clients and view all appointments and meetings related to one contact in one click.
  • Assign relationship manager to custoemrs / clients which will help you to search all custoemrs / clients by relationship manager.

Powerful Search

  • Search custoemrs / clients by free text in notes and names of custoemrs / clients
  • Search custoemrs / clients by filters such as category, relationship manager
  • Search documents by free text in contents inside the documents
  • Search documents by document category
  • Search appointments, meetings and tasks by free text

Reports and BI

Analyze and visualize your data insights and monitor your important data from across your organization to make smarter business decisions


  • Manage your agenda and share your calendar with your college to better collaborate.
  • Assign tasks to your team and link documents with tasks
  • Set alerts and reminders

Automatic Outlook Synchronization

Team up Outlook Syc tool is capable to automatically synchronize the following data from outlook:

  • Emails
  • Appointment and meetings
  • Contacts
  • Tasks


  • Workflows (A set of rules that run on demand or are triggered to run automatically)
  • Fields (A property of an entity, such as company ID.)
  • SMS system Integration
  • Third party data Integration